Let’s face it, we all know we need to read more books. But we don’t.

But does it mean we are lazy readers? Not at all. In fact, we read a lot in our news feeds. So let’s bring great books to a place where we are most likely to read, Facebook news feeds.

We want to make a Facebook library of “short and sweet” versions of famous books inspired by popular social channels: Twitter (140 characters), Buzzfeed ("listicles"), and Medium (by-the-minute reads).

We'll have several Facebook pages, each dedicated to a certain format. By choosing the format, you subscribe to this page, and books in this format will be delivered to your news feed.

So if you, for instance, choose the "Buzzfeed" format, you'll be getting "listicles" with key moments of great books. 

Art director: Tandi Zulu.