Ovi’s Quest to Be the Best / Papa John’s

As soon as Alex Ovechkin won the Stanley Cup, we gave him another challenge.

During my time at Laundry Service NYC, we created a TV campaign that features Alex Ovechkin who recently joined the Papa John’s team as a spokesman. We showed that Alex might be the best at hockey, but when it comes to making pizza, nobody beats Papa John’s.

The campaign is running on Russian TV with a tagline “Champions aren’t born, they’re made—just like our pizza” and showing Alex trying to become a full-fledged member of the PJ team.

Role: Campaign concept, scripts, tagline.

CD/Partner: Emil Nisowski.

Press: TSN, The Sports Daily, RMNB, SwissHabs, 25Stanley.

The best part? We made Ovi spray his face with ketchup!

The spots were written and presented in English and then translated into Russian. They end with VO: “Champions aren’t born, they’re made.”

First, we introduced Ovi to a new kind of arena.

Then we showed him training.

Another video that is on Russian TV and YouTube now.