Startup High

Pearson wanted to reimagine high schools—so we invited startups to classrooms.

Pearson, a textbook publishing company, asked us to identify a problem schools will face in 2027 and find a solution to it. 

Our idea: In 2027, technology will be developing even more rapidly than it is now. So for under-resourced high schools, it's going to become even harder to keep up. And while advances in e-learning will help educate a growing number of students, they won't substitute for practical, in-person lessons. However, schools still have one great resource – empty classroom space in the evenings. So what if they could rent out their labs and classrooms to startups in need of a space to work? And in exchange, the startups' staff would teach students about what they know firsthand, cutting-edge technology.

Awards: D&AD New Blood Yellow Pencil. 

Art directors: Kristina Samsonova, Pere Suana Viu.